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Kevin O’Donnell – Keeping Politics out of the Courtroom

Only when we keep politics out of the courtroom can we ensure fair and equal justice for all. I am not part of the political establishment, so I can be counted on to pursue the truth tirelessly and be a thoughtful, fair and impartial Judge.

My broad range of life and legal experiences has prepared me well to serve as Judge. After over 28 years of being entrusted by over a thousand clients, I have the experience necessary to serve as a knowledgeable and well-prepared Judge.

I care deeply about the dignity and respect of everyone and will bring that same caring to the bench and all who appear before me.

Please vote for fair and equal justice for all by electing me Cook County Circuit Court Judge in the 13th Subcircuit.

Paid for by Citizens for O'Donnell. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website (
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